As first-time homebuyers new to the area, Kevin helped us find and acquire the home of our dreams.  He connected us right away with a knowledgeable loan agent, and he listened to us and helped us see how our home fit in with our lifestyle.  He provided a lot of support as we read the piles of disclosures and HOA documents and was answering our questions even late at night – no question was too big or too small.  Once we decided to make an offer, he was in constant communication with us and the seller to make things run smoothly.  He even made a detailed calendar to help us understand what steps needed to be accomplished – and when!  Kevin was also happy to assist us after we signed, pointing us towards locksmiths and other services to get settled in and have a smooth transition.  We can’t imagine having done this without him!  We love our new home – thanks Kevin!
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